I have been a member of Balance2health in Gladesville for around 7 years now. I have previously attended larger Pilates classes and have found the smaller class size far more beneficial in helping me to develop my technique and get a more individualised experience. I have enjoyed having access to experienced and knowledgeable instructors who really care about my progress, and what works best for me. I also have regular remedial massages with Simone, which have been fantastic in helping me manage injuries and muscle strains. I think the thing I enjoy most is the sense of community that the staff at Balance2health have fostered.
— Lilly
In my 8th year of Pilates classes at Balance2health, I continue to learn, challenge myself and feel amazing benefits, both physically and mentally in a comfortable, dedicated Pilates and Yoga studio. Over the years I have been taught by a number of different Instructors, all of whom are very professional and highly qualified. The system runs very smoothly in terms of booking classes and flexibility and I highly recommend Balance2health Studio.
— Diane
More than discomfort and pain, I was often incapacitated for weeks at a time. No treatment ever solved whatever the problem was. Then I started Pilates with Balance2health and for the last 9 years it’s as if someone has given me a new back. The classes are a lot of fun, they get my heart rate up, they have given me the strength and well-being that nothing else I’d tried before did. Now I am closing in on 60 and I feel so much better than I did before I started and and am able to do things that had just been impossible when I was much younger.
— Socs
With over 10 years of practising Pilates there is no other Pilates studio I could recommend more highly. Balance2health offer Pilates classes of a high standard with a wholistic approach to achieving core strength, body awareness, a general sense of well-being and self achievement. After a Pilates class at Balance2health you’ll walk away feeling taller, fitter, stronger and calmer, than when you first arrived and already looking forward to your next class!
— Caryn
I have been seeing Alexia for nearly 10 years after being referred to her by my Physio. It is a decision I have not regretted once, as the training is one-on-one in a very calm environment. Alexia always challenges my workouts when need be, and backs off if I am recovering from an injury. She is always smiling and positive which makes the whole experience fun. I truly love my sessions with her!
— Mary Ann
Balance2health is a warm welcoming place to get fit and stay healthy. Alexia and her team are dedicated, inspiring, active, warm hearted people who have supported us in maintaining great health of mind and body. The classes are small and the Instructors knowledgeable of their trade, tailoring each exercise/posture to the individual.
I feel the benefits for days following each class ,which is quite a feat on the Instructors part, considering I’ve been attending for over 8 years. I’ve learnt greater body awareness over those years and have enjoyed being a part of the Balance2health community. My husband Trent has enjoyed many a term of classes here too over the years and remains an avid advocate of the benefits of Pilates.
— Phoebe
I started attending Alexia’s Pilates and Stretch classes 5 years ago to help muscle recovery after I broke my leg. With the small classes offering individual attention, they’ve become an integral part of my fitness and well-being. Alexia is patient and knowledgable and inspires me to try my hardest. I’m stronger and fitter at 58 than at any time since my 20s.
— Kate
I’ve been attending the Pilates and Stretch classes at the Balance2health Studio over the last couple of years. One of the most endearing things about the Balance2health Studio is the intimacy of the classes. We are just not a number. The professional Instructors are aware of any issues or conditions that the participants in the classes have and assist them in modifying the exercises to suit them.
— Gemma
I have enjoyed evening Pilates classes with Balance2health for a few years now. What keeps me coming back is the variety in the exercises and the meditative end to each class.
— Michael
I have been going to Balance2health for 3 years now and I am so happy I found them. I do a weekly yoga class and never miss it which has allowed me to become so much more flexible and stronger in mind and body. I enjoy the relaxed clean and comfortable surroundings and love having such experienced professionals on tap for help with fitness and well being. I have also tried the Pilates classes as well and absolutely love them. The staff are all encouraging and helpful which has given me the confidence to push further and increase my all round fitness.
Finally the regular massages by Simone has given me the relaxation and “me” time to help with my general health and body maintenance. Balance2health is my health sanctuary and I thank them for all their support.
— Bronwyn
I have been a member of Balance2health now for 5+ years. From day one, I was made to feel welcome. The Instructors are all very friendly and professional. It doesn’t matter what your physical shape is, everyone is treated individually and can choose to work at their own level and pace. For me personally as a busy working mum – Pilates is my hour a week away from the house and chores when I can switch off and concentrate on me. Added bonus being the relaxation at the end. I truly believe as we get older it is essential to maintain core strength and flexibility....we can’t all run marathons.
— Ali
About 5 years ago, I was at the Physiotherapist for neck and shoulder pain. This was when Pilates was suggested to me as a good form of regular exercise and I found Balance2health. I was impressed with the experienced and friendly Instructors and the variety of exercises and exercise equipment offered. The studio is consistently clean, comfortable and air conditioned. Parking is also easy. I always walk out of the studio with my body and mind feeling better than when I walked in. Thank you to all at Balance2health.
— Tess
I have been attending Balance2health Pilates classes for about 3 years. I had a fall at the snow which affected my lower back. After many visits to the Physio I tried Pilates. I started with some one on one classes with Alexia then joined a class. My back has improved thanks to these classes and walking every morning. I believe the Pilates strengthens all parts of the body without stressing it, giving you more energy. I would recommend Pilates to all age groups, I only wish I had known about Pilates earlier. Pilates is a way of life! Thank you.
— Raelyn
I started with Alexia’s Monday Stretch Class and found this was a gentle way of getting myself motivated, to take the time out I deserve to get fit and feel much better. From this lovely Monday class I am now enjoying Caroline’s Yoga class with a couple of girlfriends and once again, the calmness and the tranquility of the time to myself is doing me a wonder of good. I have also taken the opportunity of PT sessions on a Friday with Alexia to really get me revved up and motivated – its worked. Balance2health is a small and intimate sanctuary away from the hustle and noise of a regular gym. Thank you ladies.
— Simone
I have been a Personal Training client with Alexia Morris for 5 years. Initially when I first saw Alexia I was suffering from severe back pain and arthritis which required pain relief and physiotherapy. I was skeptical as to what Alexia could do for me that other treatments and classes I had attended had failed to do to help improve my quality of life. Alexia took time at each session to ask how I was on the day. Some days when I wasn’t feeling well we just did stretching exercises. That’s what I needed.
Over time Alexia has helped me to increase my core strength, balance and weight bearing. It has been a work in progress and I have actually enjoyed the challenge, with Alexia’s encouragement. Needless to say I now need less pain relief. The atmosphere at Balance2health is friendly and comfortable. No noisy gyms or big class sizes. Balance2health was a great find!
— Helen